ZJ BENY is one of pioneer in China in the development, production and sales of photovoltaic (PV) DC string combiner box . ZJ BENY mainly produce DC Isolator, DC circuit breaker, DC fuse ,DC surge protection device and smart monitoring device.

With more than 25 years experiences in traditional electrical area, ZJ BENY could provides powerful support for the renewable business. Now ZJBENY hold UL KEMA TUV SAA CB CE certificate and 7 patents for invention.

With each product is backed by the skills and service of dedicated team of customer-focused specialists, ZJ BENY have been striving to provide high-quality products for residential, commercial and utility-scale solar projects, strictly make the management as per the ISO9001:2008.

ZJ BENY rank top 1 DC components manufacturer in China.

ZJ BENY rank top 1 solar string box manufacturer in China.



PV DC Isolator Switches

  • DIN Rail Mounting
  • BYT.2 -32 Rated Voltage 1200V DC
  • Arcing Time < 3ms
  • IEC60947-3
  • 4Poles(Single|Double Strings Available)
  • DC-21B: 16A,25A,32A up to 1200V DC

Spec:BYH.2A-32 1200V-DC-Isolator.pdf


DC Circuit Breaker

Model:PV Mini Circuit Breaker BB1-63

  • BB1 Series PV Mini Circuit Breakers are mainly applied to DC solar combiner box. Controller etc
  • Main function
    • Overload protection
    • Anti-reflux protection
    • Short-circuit protection
  • Scientific design of arc-extinguishing system keep solar system more safe
  • Max voltage up to 1200V DC.Current up to 63A.

Spec:DC breaker BB1-63 Datasheet.pdf


PV DC Surge Protection Device

DC Surge Arrester BUD-40/3

  • 2 DC Surge Protection Device to protect terminal devices in PV system from over voltage.
  • Available for 600Vdc ,1000Vdc,1500Vdc
  • The only RoHS compliant DC SPD in China
  • EN 50539-11 PV standard

Spec:BUD-Surge Protection Device DC 1000V.pdf


DC Fuse holder

PV DC BR-30 Fuse Holder

  • Standard IEC60947-3
  • Rated current Up to 30A,rated voltage up to 1000V DC.
  • Applied for PV DC combiner box, inverter etc
  • Main function
    • Over-current protection
    • Effective disconnection.



Solar DC string Box

2 String Input 1 String output DC

  • BHS-2/1 DC string box.
  • For 2 strings panels protection.
  • 2 input from panels 1 string output to the inverter.
  • Finger safe touch fuse holder 15A fuse for positive and negative
  • With type 2 SPD over voltage protection.

Spec:DC string box.pdf

Product Standard