Wuxi Xinhongye Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd

Wuxi Xinhongye Wire&Cable Co.,Ltd is incoporated in January of 2004,located in Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, Which is a professional manufacturer hammering at investing and producing all kinds of solar cable, electric installation connecting wire, EV cable, automobile cable, high-quality motor winding wire and special type wire&cable.

It has the production capacity of 15 extrusion production lines and possesses auxiliary inspection and test equipment, providing measures and guarantee for product quality.

Xinhongye has broad market prospects for the development,and our products are widely applied on a global scale in power distribution system, automotive, electrical wiring harness, UPS, Transformers, new energy and other industrial fields.

The production capacity of solar cables reach 15000-20000KM monthly.




XINHONGYE solar cables can be applied flexibly to wire solar plants. The designed single-conductor solar cables are suitable for all model of solar projects. Which could be used to connect PV modules,junction box,string box, the related voltage range from 600V to 2000V


General features

  • The using temperature range for applications is –40°C to +90°C
  • The permitted short-circuit-temperature refer to a period of 5s is +200°C
  • Electron–beam cross–linked material does not melt or flow at high temperatures High resistance of heat, cold, abrasion, UV, O-zone and hydrolyses
  • High mechanical robustness and resistance of water, oil and chemicals.
  • Flexible,easy to strip
  • Pass the flame test on single vertical insulated wires, high class of flame retardant,In case of fire, there is no occurrence of corrosive or leaking of the toxic gases, smoke production in case of fire is very low
  • Fire performance:UL1581 VW-1
  • Pass TUV2Pfg1169/08.07, UL 854,UL44,UL sub-ject 4703,EN 50618
  • Compatible with all major connectors

Solar cables model :Dual certified


Model:EN H1Z2Z2-K and UL PV 600V


  • TUV Rheinland/Dekra/UL600V
  • EN50618-2014/UL4703 H1Z2Z2-K/PV 1x1.5mm2-35mm2(16-2AWG)

Normal voltage: DC :1.5KV, AC:1.0/1.0KV

Spec: H1Z2Z2-K &UL 600V PV cable.pdf

Model: TUV PV1-F and UL PV


  • Rheinland/Dekr 2Pfg 1169/UL4703
  • PV1-F/PV 1.5mm2 - 35mm2(16-2AWG)(Multiple color)

Normal voltage: DC :1.5KV, AC:1.0/1.0KV

Spec: TUV PV1-F &UL PV cable.pdf

Model:UL PV 1000/2000V and EN H1Z2Z2-K


  • TUV Rheinland/Dekra/UL1000/2000V
  • EN 50618-2014/UL4703 H1Z2Z2-K/PV 1X1.5mm2 - 35mm2(16-2AWG)

Normal voltage:DC :1.5KV, AC:1.0/1.0KV

Spec: H1Z2Z2-K &UL 1000V2000V PV cable.pdf