LOCKSEAM design, develop and manufacture solar mounting solutions for variety kind of standing seam roofs, corrugated and trapezoidal metal roof, tile roof, flat concrete roof etc.

We have worked closely with roofing manufacturers and professional solar companies across the globe to develop, produce and deliver roof solar mounting solutions for popular and common roofing profiles manufactured from Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, America, Australia and New Zealand.

We are dedicated to supporting the professional installer with robust and worry-free solar mounting products.

Custom-made design will be free of charge and will be conducted when existing products are not suitable for your roof profile.



2019 New Rail

Code: SR-R-019

Every detail of the 2019 NEW rail SR-R-019 has been considered and fully optimized in structural properties for a better strength with less material utilization and cost.


Rail Splice

Code: SR-R019-S

Rail splices SR-R019 can be easily spliced and bonded together with Rail SR-R-019 with great strength,the additional bottom supporting to two joining rails provides additional safety and strength and significantly increase the rail capacity.


Universal Mid Clamp

Code: SR-M-3040

The mid clamp is universal for 30mm-40mm module size, fully pre-assembled with grounding clip, self standing by recessed spring.


Universal End Clamp

Code: SR-E-3040

The END clamp is universal for 30mm-40mm module size, fully pre-assembled.


L Foot

Code: SR-L019

L foot has been further optimized in every detail, it comes with better strength and connection with rail, and installation-friendly.


Standing Seam Clamp

Code: SR-U-01

The universal clamp SR-U-01 is versatile for most of single or double locked and Snap-Lock standing seam roofing.


Corrugated Bracket

Code: SR-CB76-40

The SR-CB76-40 is an ideal fitting to a corrugated metal roof profile with a crest distance of 76mm, it’s mounted directly into the supporting structure of the roof. The Corrugated bracket comes another model SR-CB68-40 for a corrugated metal roof profiles with a crest distance of 68mm.


Spanish Tile Roof Hook

Code: SR-TH-01B

Spanish tile roof hook, for SR-R-05 and side mount rail

Type 304 Stainless Steel

Accessories: 6.3 x 60mm wooden screw, 2pcs


Flat Tile Roof Hook

Code: SR-TH-02A

Flat tile roof hook, for SR-R-019and side mount rail

Type 304 Stainless Steel

Accessories: 6.3 x 60mm wooden screw, 2pcs


All Tile Roof Hook

Code: SR-TH-03A for SR-R-05

All tile roof hook, for SR-R-019 and side mount rail

Type 304 Stainless Steel

Accessories: 6.3 x 60mm wooden screw. 2 pcs

2019 All New Solar Roof Mount

Better Design, Better Support, Better Price

  • 10 years product warranty.
  • Rail structure has been optimized to enhance strength, and additional anti-sliding design for modules positioning stability.
  • Rail splice comes with side joining between rails, adding bottom holding increase significantly supporting strength.
  • Universal mid clamp is fully per-assemble, self-standing by recessed spring and grounding clip. Universal for 30-40mm size solar modules. Inverted hooks for better contact with module frame.
  • Universal end clamp is fully per-assemble for 30-40mm module size.
  • Every component has been fully optimized with better design, better support for easier,faster installation experience.

Warranty download: LOCKSEAM Warranty.pdf