Powerise solar is a PV system provider specialize in the optimal solar components solution globally

Solar cables

We work on the combination of DC PV and AC cables with the top brands.A wide range of specification cables under UL and TUV certificate to fit solar projects’ needs and meet all the key UL/TUV standards related cables

Solar racking system

Our engineering team will optimize the design solution of solar racking system for customers to maximum the electricity generation.The mounting kits we provide is flexible for residential and commercial solar projects.

Solar accessories

We gather the various small components range from connectors to cables ties and Warning Label for solar installation work request. All accessories are remarkable brands and meet high industry standard.

Our Mission

Support people to use solar energy in minimum cost by sourcing a wide range of high-quality solar products from the top remarkable solar manufacturers.


Technical support

Our engineering team with high professionals will offer design guidance to select our suitable solar products,aiming at a most optimal solar system.


We offer the standard warranty from manufacturers to assure customers any claim can be resolved well.


Based on advanced production facility, we can provide OEM for customized models for solar cables and racking system.



  • Location: in golf court in Tochigi,Japan
  • Product supplied: Akcome mounting system
  • Project Type: Large Scale Ground-Mount Power Station
  • Capacity: 15MW
  • Location: Thailand
  • Product supplied: PV1-F、ZC-YJV cable of Far east cables Co., Ltd
  • Project Type: Ground-Mount solar plant
  • Capacity: 15MW
  • Location: Mexico
  • Product supplied: aluminum mounting kits of LOCKSEAM
  • Project Type: Commercial rooftop solar project
  • Capacity: 5MW
  • Location: Australia
  • Product supplied: DC PV cables of XINHONGYE Wire&Cables
  • Project Type: Ground-mount power station
  • Capacity: 10MW