Founded in March 2006, Jiangsu Akcome Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a high technology based company specialized in the investment and operation of power generated by new energy, and the one-stop provision of photovoltaic accessories.

Akcome has totally operated and maintained 1GW of grid-tied clean energy power station. For the traditional business of manufacturing of photovoltaic accessories, it has long kept the leading position in the industry to cover such products as the aluminum framework of polar battery, PV installation rack and PV welding strip.

Akcome Production Base is specialized in the R&D, production and sales of PV rack system and associated accessories, whose products include the ground rack system, roof rack system, BIPV rack system and various customized rack accessories, and who also undertakes the installation and construction of large PV power station projects.

With annual output of 4GW,and more than 15GW installed all over the world , Akcome ranks top among China’s PV installation rack industry.

AKCOME Rooftop Mounting System Solution



  • Aluminum Ballasted Mounting System (East- West oriented)
  • Flat Roof Mounting System steel
  • Applicable to the flat roof, stable in structure and convenient in installation

Spec: Concrete roof-Adjustable Triangular Solution.pdf


Corrugated Metallic Mounting System

With angle

  • Adjustable angle to achieve optimal power generation efficiency
  • Suitable for roofs facing north or requiring optimal component angle


  • Without destroying rooftops
  • Convenient installation
  • Adaptable to various kinds of rooftop types
  • Cost advantage

Spec: Corrugate matel system-Fixture Solution.pdf


Tile roof system

  • Various hook types can match different roof types like ceramic tile, flat tile and asphalt tile roof
  • Standard design can reach quickly to customer need
  • Tile roof mounting systems(Hook +rail)

Spec: Tile Roof Mount System.pdf

Quality Guarantee

10 years Guarantee, 25 years Lifetime


Warranty Download: AKCOME Warranty.pdf